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Performing at the max

At The MAX, we pride ourselves in providing the best theatre-quality experience
for our customers and performers – from our incomparable, state-of-the-art light and
sound system to our professional DJs and lighting engineers. 



Looking to book a show? Contact the Show Director.

Our production team is here to help with your upcoming show! To help you plan a flawless production, follow these guidelines:

  • 10-15 Performers:
    Shows must be kept under 2 hours in length. Saturday shows have 24 slots in the line-up (including raffles/auctions). Sunday shows have 30 slots. 

  • Promotion: 
    We will create the promotional graphics for your show. Please send t
    he title/theme of your show to Marketing Director Shannon Barry through Facebook Messenger. We like to post the Facebook event on our page at least 8 weeks prior to the show date.

  • Set Design:
    It’s never too early to start planning your set! The Max has a selection of Mylar in various colors available for use in your set design, but also be thinking about what props or table decorations you can incorporate. I
    t is your responsibility to create and install the design during rehearsal the day of show (Noon to 1PM). A spectacular and creative design sets the stage for what the audience can expect. Really try to create a theater-quality design that draws on the theme and makes the audience realize they are about to see a spectacular show: suspend props above the stage or set them around the steps, drape Mylar in interesting configurations, decorate tabletops – the possibilities are endless. If you need help with ideas, Show Director is available for consultation (tips are appreciated).



Welcome to performing at The Max! Please take a second to read the following which outlines promotion, music submission, rehearsal and rules about performances.

  • Promotion:
    Be sure to share The Max Facebook event for your show with everyone! Invite your fans, friends, family and coworkers - the more people you invite, the more tips you can collect. 

  • Music Submission:
    Submit your music by 12Midnight the Wednesday before the show date. Instructions for submitting music are below. 

  • Rehearsal:
    The show space is open Noon to 1PM the day of show. This is an opportunity for rehearsal and to assist the show host with the set installation.

  • Performance Restrictions
    When planning your number, please remember the following are not allowed: pyrotechnics, fire, water, confetti, frontal nudity, and live animals. Also anything which may cause injury to the audience, staff or performers is not allowed. 

  • Show Rules
    In order to provide your audience with the best theater-quality experience and help everything go smoothly for your performance, click on the link below to view the Show Rules.



In keeping with our advanced technological systems, all performers are required to submit their music through the form at right.


Follow the simple instructions to turn in your music:

  1. Enter your Stage Name, Email Address, the Show/Event Name and Date of the show. These are REQUIRED fields.

  2. You may submit any combination of MP3 files or links to your music source for our DJs to download. Select the correct checkbox to indicate what you are submitting - MP3 files, source links, or both.

  3. Upload an MP3 file for each song or send a link to the source of your music of each song you are performing using the fields below. Be sure the songs are sent in the order you are performing them. Only MP3 files are accepted for uploads. We will download the audio file from provided source link(s).

  4. Song #1, first enter the title of your song then click on the Upload button to upload an MP3 file or paste the link to the music source in the box next to Song #1 Link. Repeat for each song you are submitting. PERFORMERS MUST PROVIDE A FILE OR A LINK TO DOWNLOAD A FILE. The Max is NOT RESPONSIBLE for purchasing music or searching for music for performers. 


The only exception to this process will be Pageant Contestants. Contestants will still need to bring their CDs to rehearsal the day of the contest. We will check all category CDs and you will be able to rehearse your talent. Performers for the pageant will follow the above rules.

Songs must be received by Midnight the Wednesday before your scheduled performance.

If your music is not received by Midnight Wednesday, you will not be performing.

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